The 101 of looking superb.

Hi y’all, hope you all good 😊. Anyways, most of us always follow a particular way of doing things or getting all dolled up, but I tell you today, no more should you follow the norms. So to say this week I want us to focus on how to build or know your personal style and methods that will suit you just fine.

First of all stay calm

Things like these take time so don’t worry or get upset when you make mistakesπŸ˜‰ .Don’t over think it.

Secondly; Know thyself,

yes you.

Yes, this is the most important of all, from the shape of your face(as this affect hairstyles), the type of feet you have ,cup size, body type. All these should be known by you(with the progression of time there will be posts on how to get to know these perfectly). This will help you in choosing the perfect style meant for you and also to modify any current trend you are interested in plus this saves you a lots of money as you will use everything and anything you buy to the fullest.

Next be True to yourself;

Self deceit, is worst kind of deceit. Buy your size honey. Buy what you can wear not what you wish you could wear, use your shades of makeup (like foundations, concealers) e.t.c. Whatever item you buying make sure it’s meant for you… Do not intentionally buy stuffs you know ain’t right for you, you will just spend more money fixing the mess.

Make research ,Question every item before buying;

Be it a dress, a pair of jeans,scarfs whatever it is, ask questions like: what kind of material is it, will the color flow with the rest of your wardrobe? how should it be ironed,how many ways can it be styled e.t.c. if you are shopping on a budget whatever item you buy,you should be able to wear it in 4-5 different ways .

Follow trends with caution, follow trends with a twist,and also apply your ideas to them.(P.S if you need an idea or advice on how to modify a certain style you can contact us).

lastly ooze confidence;

Looking superb should also be comfortable,dress for the occasion, and always be you.

Don’t forget to check back next week Thursday, we will be talking Hair products and believe me you do not want to miss it.

Thank you for your time see y’all, next week.

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  1. This fixes me in a lot of ways, especially the part that you talked about buying what suits you. Thanks Peaceebo for the insight.

  2. Be true to yourself hit me hard. 😌😌 thanks. 😊 I will be true to myself from now on

  3. Follow trends with caution, follow trends with a twist,and also apply your ideas to them.πŸ€” well Noted βœ’

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