Hair Products.

Hi lovelies, a great day it is today isn’t it? Hope y’all doing great.

Hair product are different kinds of product we put in our hair to serve a particular purpose, and I have come to realize that some of us spend so much money on hair product, in the quest for soft hair,long hair, shiny ,wavy, kinky, the list goes on and on. so today I will be giving you some ideas on how to go about your quest on a budget.

1.Go for natural products; Replacing some of your hair product like (moisturizers,conditioner among others) with natural substitute not only will this do your pockets good but also your hair. Now there are branded products that sell these ‘natural’ products like Shea butter, coconut oil, castor oil,e.t.c, it is better and cheaper if you opt for those from your local store Or supplier. P.s make sure you are not allergic to any of these natural substitute before using it.

2.Be sure of what your hair needs are;By the time you are sure about your hair needs, not only will you get the right products for your hair, this will also prevent you from buying every hair product you come across.

3.Flow with your style; If you are the type that doesn’t, straighten her hair every other day you do not need to buy a big size heat protector or you are the type do not lay your edges then you do not need to buy a big size gel or edge controller, you can get the smallest size just for emergencies. Focus on product you need presently.

4.Learn to improvise; You can use one product for more than one purpose, you just have to think outside the box. Example- I use my Shea butter for both moisturizing and de tangling, and sometimes in my deep conditioning combo, You can use your normal gel as an edge control also, use those nylon you gather from when you get supplies to cover your hair when deep conditioning or steaming instead of always buying shower caps.

5.Compare products,check product reviews; Always seek advise and opinions , and never be ashamed to ask for a discount, not only should you ask for discount but always be on the watch for when products are on sales like black Friday, or Christmas sales. Products like shampoo and conditioner, should be bought in bulk. so buying on discount price will save you some change..P.S check expiry date of discounted products, if it’s close don’t buy..

You don’t have to own every hair product,leave the professional products for the professional ,short story a friend of mine tried to do her hair professionally at home,by herself well let’s say she ended up with a burnt scalp,lost a frightening amount of hair and spent more money at the saloon trying to fix the damage…

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