knock knock, don’t ask whose there cause its fashion on a budget and today we are so glad to share some ideas of ours we have about how to make the most out of your scarfs (some prefer saying it as scarves).. Scarfs are very important items that i always hold dear, you can make you feel like a thousand bucks, chic,gangster,cute, modest by just placing a scarf in a certain way…..So here are some little tricks you could try;

1.Scarf+bags; Β This is a combination that have never failed anyone, (none that I know of). From tying it up in a bow, to just hanging it down or rolling it up the handle. This has a way of upgrading the looks of a bag..

2.scarf on the neck; Why always wear a tie or go bare neck? When you can look stylish and professional in a scarf, plus this style can be worn in so many ways and you get additional warmth during the colder seasons..(This topic will be discussed in full in time to come).

3.scarfs as ribbons, headband in another way as a hair accessory; When you make that Afro puff,or pull your braid hair up, instead of going plain , you can add a scarf , look gorgeous .

4.Accessorize your scarf; Yea i know ironic right ? reminds me of a saying ‘even your boo get a boo’, so your accessory also needs an accessory . when wearing your scarf you can add glitter( you know that makeup glitter can actually make your scarf look nice), brooch (a brooch isn’t only meant for your dress ,add to it next time you tie or wear that scarf or turban),you can also add a fashion chain to your scarf, or fashion pins.follow in the inner fashionista in you and accessorize sweetheart…

PS.if you lost an earring don’t throw the single away, you can transform it into a brooch,You can personalize (there would be posts on how to do these also) a plain pin or a safety pin by using glue to attach whatever item you want to it,maybe a flower, bead etc.

so peeps that’s all for today don’t forget to like and share… Thank you for checking today do check back next week…


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  1. Great ideals peaceebo patiently waiting for next week week but kindly add some spice to it like photos to explain in details thanks

  2. Beautiful post. “Low Budget” Am captivated by that word. If and if only we know that celebrities use this little wisdom we neglect, we won’t struggle to be like them.. Keep them coming

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