The 4 Ks of hair care product…

A very good day to you people, hope you all doing fine cause your girl here is going through a lot ,my voice sounds like that of a drowning chicken (cause of catarrh), well enough about me, today fashion on a budget want to tell you how to spend less on your hair or how you can cut off excess expense, impossible you may say but my dear sit down and listen to me.

so you are going through your favorite social media page and you see a product , and because they promise you longer hair, shiny hair,thicker hair, the return of your prodigal edges, you click the buy button in your brain and buy. Your friend tells you they use caramelized Shea aloe Vera butter you went and buy but ended up with a disaster or nothing happened at all … Then you start saying ISSA SCAM , please calm down and let us give you the gist today;

  1. Know yourself; like we said in an older post, you have to know yourself, know your hair type because the need of a relaxed hair is different from that of a naturalista, or someone that is transitioning. And the hair needs of a melanin queen/king is different from that of oyibo pepper. So auntie , uncle before you buy that hair cream,get that hair treatment, that beard miracle grower know what and why you are buying it for. {relaxed hair should focus more on strengthening and moisturizing, naturalistas should focus more on moisture and de-tangling, transitioners are advised to follow the route of the naturalistas..most importantly conditioning is for all}.
i know deep down you agreeing with us.

2. Know your hair goal; is it long hair you want ? is it full, stronger, darker hair? as someone that appreciate healthy hair over length , i always go for products that nourish, condition and strengthen my hair…When you do not have a goal you jump at every product that come along….Listen to mee 🥰you do not need a hair vatilzer when you have a full head of hair focus on the dandruff part (no shade here, we love our readers we fashion on a budget).

3. Know what you are combining; sometimes you might be limiting the effect of your hair product or making a very potent poison in the process of combining for a greater effect. For example dyed hair is not supposed to be relaxed, and if its done it should be done professionally with very careful guided steps.

4.Keenly read labels, follow directions; You can’t apply a product after washing when it says before washing and expect it to work. If it say apply and wait ten minutes, do so. Also as store product as suggested by the manufacturer.

Lastly, use the right product for the right procedure, getting your hair straightened with a flat iron? Use a heat protector don’t blame that hair cream or flat iron for any damage caused..use curling cream for curls do not always use gel, as they dry out hair.

Also sometimes we have to accept our fate , if you have tried and nothing seem to work, accept yourself the way you are and find other ways to improve yourself and research styles that suit you

Well people hope you picked one or two things from this, do not forget to like,share and comment below.. Have a nice weekend..

PS; as a cartoon lover ever since childhood, marge Simpson’s hair have always been fascinating to me.

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  1. FOB will recommend conditioning ,Shea butter , and love, yes love as you have to be consistent with whatever routine conditioning process you choose to apply …

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