Easy period kit…{ladies and girls corner}

A number of us can tell a story or two about personal or witnessed surprise or horrible period stories and of how you wished you had a pad or two. Cause sometimes the uterus just pulls up like

Some of us are uncomfortable talking about such topics so i would just go straight about telling you how to prepare an emergency or backup period kit at no cost, cause you have everything already.

Things needed;. Sanitary Pad(obviously), Newspaper or Paper, Tissues, cotton wool or wet wipes, A small purse(optional) or tape, Panties if you have enough spaces.

So when you start receiving the message from the universe (the mood swings, diarrhea, bloating, anger,cramps and so on and so forth), or you feel the time is upon you ,you cloud wrap up an emergency period or back up kit when you rolling with auntie flow.

Lay your paper and place the pad first, then tissues, cotton wool, another line of tissues, if you are adding panties you should use it to wrap the pad, tissue and cotton wool first before wrapping it with the paper. If you have a small purse slip it inside if you don’t have no big deal just tape it in place. If you have wet wipes keep them separately so that they don’t dry out.

A QUICK GIF[to illustrate] UP ABOVE.

PS.you can pack a “nylon” to keep soiled panties. In case you don’t have wet wipes, that is what the cotton wool is meant for as it holds more water than tissues for easy cleaning and tissue for drying…Be vigilant and date conscious about our dear friend to avoid “embarrassment” and unnecessary stress. If your periods makes you like this:

You can add pain relief to your kit, always check the expiry date..

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