6 aloe vera combos you should try…..

its us again ….

These combinations. are great and easy, so grab your mixing apparatus cause we are combining and conquering.. ( so long to acne,dry skin,and the likes) .

1 Aloe Vera+lime; this is great for lightening or toning..as someone that lime burns, i dilute the juice with water before using or use very little extracted juice…

2 Aloe Vera+mint; aloe Vera scent makes some uncomfortable so adding mint adds a relaxing scent and this combination is great for after shaves, hair conditioning, promotes oral hygiene, and face mask base..

3 Aloe Vera+sugar; aloe serve as a very good base for either mask or scrubs…aloe and sugar scrubs exfoliate really good as aloe is slippery and moisturizing… after using this combo for your lip scrub, you will realize you do not need to always buy “pink lip kit”.

4 Aloe Vera+coffee; this is my favorite.. this serve both as scrub and a mask…exfoliates and gives you a radiant glow.

5 Aloe Vera+Ginger; this boosts metabolism, i don’t have any proof as to its aid in weight loss claim.. but i know for sure its a great detox combo.

mint can be added for flavor and it aids with indigestion.

6 This can’t be complete without Shea butter, Aloe and Shea butter is a great combo for conditioning,and serve as a leave in conditioner..

Whatever ever combo you use to see a lasting and great result CONSISTENCY is the key.

so people don’t let this wisdom go to waste , be a fertile soil, let this seeds drop and blossom… do not forget to like and share, also tell us which of these combos you have tried and others you know of…

me putting on my mask and getting ready for the weekend, you should too
the mask gives me whole new mood..lol

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