ALOE VERA, uses you should know…

yea yea, i know my aloe Vera needs more watering maybe a little more love and care…

Aloe Vera, the bitter sweet friend, which contains lots of vitamins,minerals, antioxidants,e.t.c..this is one thing that I have a love hate relationship with..the importance of aloe Vera cannot be over emphasize but fashion on a budget is going for what concern us fashion wise, and the fact that you can plant them and they grow and expand so well makes it almost cost less,

It has a bitter taste so if you have no plans of it coming close to your mouth, or you have sweet tooth like me..i recommend you use gloves,cause of course your hands will definitely somehow reach your mouth. No part of it is useless, you do not need to uproot the whole plant to use(just a leaf or two is enough),very matured leaves have tiny spikes on them so look out, also if you are using aloe Vera for the first time look out for allergy signs like irritation.

HOW TO USE; As I said no part of the aloe Vera is useless, personally i enjoy using the gel that’s the middle part.When you cut a leaf or two (i usually go for the bigger ones,giving the smaller ones time to grow), i carefully cut out the spikes , then let it lay for ten minutes so as the aloe latex( the yellowish liquid that drains out) to run out completely , then i use a spoon( a special spoon i set aside for this to scrape out the gel,( this is after i use a knife to peel out one side of the leaf) into my mortar(yes i said mortar, if you don’t have one you can just use a container), what happens from here depends on what i want to use it for..the back or remnant of the leaves can be pounded or mashed and mixed with black soap, great for the skin.

i do own a lot of weird stuffs..i also use this to combine my conditioner…

So lets to proceed to what what and what you can use this friend of ours for…

1. Hair conditioner; aloe Vera it serve as a great hair conditioner and I love to add my great and special ingredient SHEA BUTTER.. This leaves your hair soft and easy to detangle.

2. Face mask; Remember when i said aloe Vera is packed with antioxidants? yea this is when it’s comes in, a whole lot of combinations with aloe Vera can used to to give you a great rejuvenated, youthful glow ..

3. Can be added to shampoo for a greater effect.

4.Used as Leave in conditioner; this means you can also apply aloe Vera to your hair after washing and LEAVE IT..this has to be done with great and careful skill to avoid walking around with particles of aloe in your hair… we know we love it but not to that extent and also a great massage work will be needed for it to blend into the hair, cause you don’t want to have streaks of gel left on your hair looking like catarrh eww I know right,,

5. Brow gel, for some with very bushy brows but i totally can’t relate but i can’t complain either if am to score my eye brow i give it a seven out of ten..WHAT WILL YOU SCORE YOUR BROW?. aloe gel can be used to tame them, a very little amount is needed, just a brush, one swipe that’s all

6. If you are the herb type, drinker of concoctions, lover of any drink bitter… this is for you. Aloe Vera can be steeped, and this extract is full of benefits both health-wise and looks improvement.. I personally tried this , results were great but my sweet tooth couldn’t keep up.

7. Used as an exfoliation base; I love love coffee this is no secret so most times i mix my coffee with aloe Vera gel to exfoliate..

Lastly little things like, head burns, skin conditions like ringworm, eczema, and the like aloe Vera can help soothe itching and consistent use will help you heal without a scar… oh before I forget aloe Vera also help in fading scars and stretch marks but do not fall for the lie that it completely removes it..

PS. if you are steeping freshly cut aloe Vera allow the yellow liquid (aloe Vera latex) to flow out , this is because this latex have very potent laxative properties. So unless you are combating constipation I advice you avoid it in other to avoid steps like this:

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