7 Combs you Need..

yes,they all mine and no i don’t have a saloon.

Sometimes we experience hair breakage, we loose our edges, and then blame hair products ( if you new on fashion on a budget welcome,and do check our previous post about hair products). Most times the damages are mechanical, from the combing , to styling and packing it to a bun or whatever.

so using the right comb,can improve your style look and save you hair damage…so seat back and let me give you the gist.

1 Rat tail comb: This comb is small and easy to use having two ends, the comb part and the tail. Both properties makes it easy to comb and style at the same time. Parting or as we call it ‘cutting’ through your hair with the tail reduces tangling as to cutting through with your comb.

2 Pick comb: This comb have gained popularity among the black community, this particular comb is what you need when you want a defined Afro . It is also great for loosing knots at the end of hair after loosing it.

3 Wide tooth comb: This is the horror comb of every girls childhood, lol. If you have not used this comb , your nationality as a Nigerian needs to be questioned . this comb anyways is great for de-tangling, and loosing out knots, also great when you want to pack your hair into a fro or bun.

4 Small handle comb: This is perfect for applying products, such as conditioners, and relaxers. as this just like a mini version of the wide tooth comb. Also perfect for combing edges.

5 The brush:This is practically not a comb, but if you looking at smoothing your hair, trying to lay it down with some gel, going for that sleek look, use a brush…. Now there are different types of brushes. Brushes made from plastic are great for synthetic hair, and those made from pig hair or softer products are great for smoothing natural human hair.

6 Tooth brush: Yea yea , I know, am not crazy but this idea is, the tooth brush is great for , smoothing out edges and most importantly, laying down and styling edges.

don’t throw old brushes away , you could reuse them

7 The hand comb: There is no such thing as a hand comb, BUT, before using any comb or working on your hair , work with your hands first, de-tangle, separate and loose strands of hair.

you really wasn’t expecting to see a hand comb were you?

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