Face care product you have.

Face care product, have a very large market, and a wide range of items with mad combinations and ingredient, promising better and beautiful skin. Now apart from some part of the world, the face is a part of the body that is mostly exposed, due to this fact most of us are very conscious of our faces and we apply makeups, and other stuffs to look beautiful and at the end forget to take precautions before or after the look.

There is what I call the face package, this is something I use, on my normal routine.

Now there are certain products you need to have to prevent buying more products, and most times expensive doesn’t always mean Best.

1 Makeup remover: This is as everyone knows is used to remove makeup, even if you don’t apply makeup, using this will clean pores and remove all the dirt trapped it during the day. Makeup remover comes in different forms, from wet wipes to cleansers and yes coconut oil. For individuals on a tight budget, you can get baby wipes and coconut oil, or Vaseline and a soft cloth. Using makeup remover also reduces the risk of having acne.

2 Face wash: Face wash comes in different form, and what you should be careful about is the ingredient, buy the wash for your skin type. Do not buy face wash for oily face when you have an oily face, personally i get the one for all skin types to limit the stress of going through the ingredients.

3 Face scrub: Just like all product, you should get what suits you, and there are different types of scrub, if you are the type who uses a lot of makeup or do a lot outdoor activity i did advice scrubs with particles as this helps exfoliate, if you have a sensitive skin you should use a more gentle scrub.

4 Face mask:The mask sits on your face for sometimes and work according to its purpose. there are peel of masks, clay masks,coffee masks,if your skin is sensitive i advice you stay away from peel of mask, as some hurt when peeling it of.

5 water:Some would recommend washing again with a face wash, but i don’t advice that as excess washing can wash off most natural oils on the skin. Just rinse with water or if you have a foam face wash this would be better.

6 Face towel: It’s advisable to have a face towel, this is a separate towel for your face only. This is perfect as it also reduces acne.

7 moisturizer: The key formula to good skin and hair is moisture. Do not forget to moisturize, to prevent dryness which leads to breakage, of course you do not want that.

You can use a sunscreen or lotion containing sunscreen to prevent sunburn, and night cream if you need one.

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