Deep conditioning is one of my favorite routines,and yes for the guys you can also deep condition your hair and beards too am so glad to be able to share this with you… hello people, hope you all good and in great health.

Conditioning, what is conditioning? Deep conditioning is the process of making hair soft,manageable,reducing friction between strands of hair to allow easier brushing, and styling.

Now, deep conditioning is conditioning your hair for a longer duration of time.

The conditioner, there are already made hair conditioner, the likes of Organic hair mayonnaise, LA fresh hair conditioner, and so on . You can also make a DIY hair conditioner, from aloe vera, Shea butter, natural oils. (how to prepare aloe vera is in a previous post -uses of aloe vera you should know)

Personally, i use aloe vera,Shea butter, coconut oil, palm kernel oil,and peppermint oil.


You will need:

Spray bottle: use a spray bottle cause this makes distribution easier..

The conditioner *obviously ,combs, water , your natural oil choice,

a deep conditioning cap or nylon.

watch out for part two, lols just kidding lets proceed……..

Wash hair and allow it dry a little.

I advice towel drying but instead of rubbing just pat or squeeze towel around the hair, this reduce friction and breakage…..when hair is damp, divide into sections…This where the spray bottle comes in, in your spray bottle should be water,a little conditioner tho this is optional and natural oils.

spray bottles.

If you do not own a spray bottle, you can make one from a plastic bottle lying around just punch tiny holes in the cap and you done…..talk about recycling…save the planet people

So, as said earlier divide hair in sections cause its easier working in sections. Spray your bottle content , then apply your conditioner, massage and work well till you are convinced it is well settled in. When you are done with all the sections starting from the root of your hair to end and comb through with a wide tooth comb,comb gentle to avoid mechanical damage to hair, put on your conditioning cap

conditioning cap

and if you don’t have one, a grocery bag aka nylon aka leather will do just fine, for greater effect wrap a warm towel around the nylon..for beards modify the nylon to rest from ear to ear..Let the conditioner sit for 30mins if you are using a conditioning cap and 40 mins if you are using a nylon or if the product you are using comes with a timing instruction use that. DO NOT LET THE CONDITIONING SIT FOR TOO LONG AS IT CAN DRY OUT YOUR HAIR AND LEAD TO BREAKAGE . You don’t want that i know.

After waiting ,rise with cold water this seals the moisture in, dry and style .

Do not forget to moisturize and use heat protecting products if you are styling hair with heat i.e curler,hair dryer, straightener e.t.c, i use Shea butter and coconut oil, if you noticed I did not mention name of brands i use as this blog is still growing and not yet certified…if you need more info you can reach fashion on a budget and we will be ready to help..

coconut oil and Shea butter
deep condition does wonders to your hair,make it a habit..hair is still growing sha.

Have a great weekend readers…

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