Weird title I know but, no shade your feet should not be able tear the bed sheets or socks neither should they put anyone that comes in contact with it in pains. You can’t rub your leg on your boo, or whoever you sleep with and there are white lines to show your feet where here…It shouldn’t have cracks either, and they shouldn’t smell like they have been through the valley and shadow of death….the good Lord didn’t create it like that..

I know most times its not intentional, some don’t just have time to get a pedicure, some feel the amount of money you pay at the saloon for a pedicure is not just worth it, and some you are just lazy, lazy to do it yourself, and lazy to get it professionally done.Do not blame the weather…..

So today,as an advocate for soft clean feet.. am giving out lazy easy ways to soft clean feet.Plus they are all things you can do at home thereby saving you some little money.

When to it comes to getting something, you have to invest. So you should first invest in a care setThis comes in different types and shapes.. when buying you should pick a care set that suits you and what you can afford, just make sure it contains a nail cutter or two,small scissors, file,scrapper and picker. (DO NOT SHARE YOUR CARE SET cause you might get cuts from using them and sharing it with others expose you to terrible diseases).

Next is feet soaking, this is the easiest of them all. After a long and stressful day, before or after bathing you can get a bowl,bucket ,whatever can hold water and your feet, sit down and soak your feet for ten to twenty minutes.Not only will this make washing and scrubbing your feet easier it also has a relaxing feeling..If you extra like me, adding some antiseptic solution like dettol (this helps a lot for those with athlete foot and helps in its prevention)rosewater, or shampoo to your water will give great results…

marge Simpson soaking her feet and minding her business

The Vaseline and socks routine, petroleum jelly (Vaseline) has a whole lot of Vaseline and if you are new you can check out the petroleum jelly post.If you don’t have time to soak, when going to bed just rub Vaseline and put on socks.It will take time but if you are consistent you will see results.Wash feet before rubbing Vaseline.

Moisturize..dry feet, yes you read right dry feet are what lead to cracks..when you moisturize,mainly with petroleum jelly ,Shea butter or coconut oil ,this keeps dry feet and cracks very far far away.

The Pumice stone, growing up in a Nigerian home this is one thing most of us know.That black stone that always carry different color of soaps and you wonder where it comes from cause some stay for a very long time,I also came across white pumice stones (they come in different colors). So yes get a pumice stone and keep it where your eyes will always meet it, thus you will always remember to give your feet a good scrub while bathing..

Wash in between your toes, do not repeat the same pair of sock without washing if you wore a covered shoe for more than five hours, if you sweat a lot and wear covered shoes, powder your legs and shoe with anti fungal powder, when you remove your shoes after a long day let them air (leave them outside for an hour or so), this reduces bad smell and bacteria growth, during the summer wear less covered shoes,always make sure your feet and in between your toes are dried to prevent athlete’s foot,do not share your socks to prevent spread of skin infections, when scrubbing be gentle,do not scrub too hard so as not to cause harm to your feet.

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