Hello everyone, am so excited you know why? Cause this is, our first post on a paid plan…yay!! So my vinegar experience , on this faithful day , was just scrolling through my fav app ‘pinterest’. If you don’t have this app , get it. So i was scrolling, scrolling, scrolling and there it was, vinegar for good health. Y’all know what ya girl did, I clicked it and .. wait let’s talk about vinegar first

What is vinegar?
vinegar is an aqueous solution of acetic acid and trace chemicals that may include flavoring.

How is it made?
Apple cider vinegar is made from apple (obviously), sugar and yeast. Yeast is added to liquids gotten from crushed apples. This process leads to fermentation which gives alcohol with the help of acetobacter, a bacteria this produces acetic acid. Acetic acid is the main element in vinegar giving that “vinegar” taste or lets just say stinging taste. This whole process takes about 3-6 weeks, Other processes are involved but decide to let y’all know the main process .

Back to the story….
the writer talked about vinegar a lot,guess she really likes it,among which she talked about various importance like; increase insulin sensitivity, decrease appetite, decrease blood sugar level,improve cholesterol level,promote fat burning which leads to weight loss among others…She even went on to talk about how some ethnicity that consume vinegar live long and have healthy lives, and how great and wonderful it is and has been in use since the beginning of time .

It was this same week , I watch a movie (Grand Daddy Day Care) you should watch it ,its great apart from the part they shaded Nigeria (Nigeria princesses online, if you know you know). So the grand dad was like I take vinegar twice a day and I thought this might be it for me..the universe must be sending me a message

… and I walked the store,and bought apple cider vinegar.

Naturally as a person with a sweet tooth this was a huge step for me and I have never tasted vinegar before so i didn’t know what to expect. There I was mixing two spoons of vinegar in a cup of water , added some lime too…Just as she said in the post..I used a straw cause from the research i made ,vinegar can destroy the enamels of your teeth(that’s if its too concentrated) but I ain’t taking chances .

The moment of truth…….
When the content from my cup(vinegar,water and lime) reached my mouth, oh how horrible it felt… people drink this? For real peeps intentionally drink this? Had to finish the content of my cup to really see if it will be effective and tho it tasted horrible and it stings. I didn’t feel hungry for a long time (i took it on an empty stomach).

So claims that apple cider vinegar decreases appetite is true, so for those who feel its taste is a small price to pay ,go ahead try it.. As for me, I won’t be consuming that any time soon… my mouth refuse it..I did keep the rest for cleaning purposes ( cleans mirrors perfectly).

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