We all have hairs, in places we are proud of,places we ain’t comfortable about and places we rather not talking about. Shaving is a routine for some and well for others only done on special occasions.

Whatever your reason for shaving is, hygiene,to boost your confidence, improve your look, or you just enjoy smooth skin,and oh the thing about it you shave your legs or body and the hair will grow back twice thicker and longer ….that’s a lie.You welcome. Whatever part of your body it is you shave. It should be done the right way.. Today is all about how you can have a less stressful shave,with less cuts , bumps,ingrown hair and folliculitis.

Before shaving, in fact while reading the paragraph you can study the direction of your hair growth, meaning where the end of your hair points is the direction of your hair growth. Its best to shave opposite the direction that your hair grow,as this limit the occurrence of ingrown hair and those tiny remnant that prick you later.

What are ingrown hairs? Ingrown hair is just when a hair strand or strands regrow under the skin.This might be accompanied by inflammation or not, plus they don’t look nice on anyone and can be quiet uncomfortable.

this Ingrown hair is quiet a badass.

Most people shave before they exfoliate,scrub or bath but best believe it’s better if you shave after bathing . This is because the hair is softest after a bath so easy to shave, this reduces friction between the skin and razor also,shaves time and reduce razor burns . Shave after bathing and rinse your body.

Speaking on friction,invest in or buy shaving cream, if you are not a fan of shaving cream or you really are on a tight budget or just maybe you the soap type, its advisable to rub soap until it lather. Doing this makes gliding easy and saves you time.

Now when gliding or can we use the word stroke? when you shaving short strokes are better and more efficient that long strokes ,rinsing your razor or shaving stick in between, this prevents folliculitis. Avoid tapping your shaving stick over the sink or any surface cause this enables germs to be transferred to your face causing folliculitis. You can put the shaving stick or razor under running water or set a bowl of water aside with disinfectant. Wash bowl after use ,ain’t nobody want to pick or see other persons hair. You know what? Just keep a bowl aside for this purpose thank you. . This way you have less cuts and less burns .

What is folliculitis? This is when hair follicles becomes inflamed, either caused by bacteria or fungus. Most times they resolve on their own, but if inflammation is severe you can wash with antibacterial soap and touch it less to avoid further spread.

For those that only shave on special occasions, when the hair is a little too much starting with a shaving stick can be quiet frustrating, to save time,and others. Its adviced you trim hair with scissors before shaving.

These items (shaving sticks,razor,mini clippers etc) are personal belonging that should not be shared, to prevent the spread of diseases. Keep your self and others safe .

Diseases could be spread from sharing such items from mild skin conditions like eczema,ring worm. and more severe ones likes herpes, hepatitis C, HIV and others. A razor should be disposed after each use and shaving sticks after maximum of three uses. If you use a clipper it should be disinfected regularly and properly.

Ladies can buy and use male shaving sticks cause for reasons I don’t understand female shaving sticks tends to be more expensive. Always keep an extra shaving stick or razor. Do not forget to moisturize.

see y’all on the next post..