What’s that odd smell?

Hi y’all, few days back was on YouTube and we all know watching one video leads you to another ,then another and somehow I ended on a page watching this thing called shuudan koudou. Its this mesmerizing insane synchronized walking done in japan. Watching it was so cool but another thought came to me , that venue has to be well ventilated or else there would be a lot of sweating and we know what that means human smell (i prefer human smell cause I sense odor is a strong word to use here).

Now, we find ourselves sniffing our bodies, clothes, shoes, the list goes on and on…Sometimes some random person goes,” hmmm wetin dey smell like this” ( that just translate to whats that smell). The first that comes to mind is hope its not me and sometimes its you ,but nobody has the heart to tell you that.

To avoid putting yourself and others in such weird situations make sure you don’t smell odd, you can be neutral but its nicer if you smell nice.

Here are some tips to avoid odd,bad or disturbing human smell:

Wash properly, if you bathing scrub between areas from your armpits to your privates, for us with the bigger bodies, its your body, don’t be scared of washing under your belly fat or back rolls. They yours embrace it, wash it, love it. Doing laundry? give areas that you sweat at more attention. Brush properly, scrub your tongues and the rest. Choose your detergents and soaps wisely, as some combined with sweat later during the day gives off bad smell.

Rinse properly, this I would say is the most important of them all, from when you wash your hair, clothes, after doing your business in the bathroom, after eating rinse your mouth, after a long period rinse your mouth cause of bacterial activity that gives off bad smell washing is the first step, do not rinse without washing ,i repeat do not rinse without washing..

Dry properly, make sure your clothes, shoes, sock,hair, etc are dried properly, these gives off a rather fresh scent when dried properly, if the weather doesn’t favor air drying or sun drying , dry items under a fan or in a well ventilated area.

These are basic rules to avoid bad human smell.

Now thanks too different products you can mask off bad human smell..

Invest in good deodorants, sprays,perfumes, roll on and the rest .

Stay clean, and ooze good human smell.

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