Hair breakage has different causes, but mostly its due to dry hair. Healthy hair rely on the inner cuticle which keep your hair strands together. So to say healthy cuticles means healthy hair strands.

My favorite hair routine is moisturizing, so the LOLC method is the best moisturizing step you can use.Liquid,Oil, Leave-in conditioner, cream. This is most effective for people with natural hair, mostly the 4C fam.

Liquid, spritz hair with water as this gives it moisture. Your hair can be oily and still dry this i can testify before i had my big chop. spritzing is easier if you have a spray bottle and if you do not you can just sprinkle water on it before applying oil.

In summary dampen hair before oiling.

Oil, now oiling should be done in sections as this will enable even spread. Oiling seals in the moisture from the water…Preventing evaporation..(yea something like that) Just make sure whatever oil you are using , you are not allergic to it and it’s from a trusted source.

Apply oil from root to ends of hair, comb from root to ends this ensure every strand is oiled.

Leave-in conditioner, this is optional but for the best results leave-in seals and hold the moisture from both water and oil. It also replaces vital oils lost during shampooing process, helps tame frizz and leave hair looking shinier.

Cream, apply cream or butter, finally to seal the process, and style. Note, stay away from greasy hair cream.


Always make sure the products you use are not expired.Happy LOLCing ….

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  1. Learnt about this at the beginning of the year and am still practicing it. Even oiled yesterday. After washing my hair I no longer wait till its dry before I oil.

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