Why you are having face breakouts….

What are face breakouts? They are chronic, inflammatory skin conditions that causes spots and pimples, especially on the face.

In reality, they are our worst nightmares. I personally feel they only come out when i have an important date or really not in the mood to deal with it.

Now sometimes, we are the cause of our own face breakouts.

Here are some few habits, or things we do that increases the risk of us getting breakouts.

Dirty pillow case, our pillow cases accumulate bacteria, dead skin, oils, e.t.c. All these clog into our skin pores and these reactions and accumulation leads to breakouts. To avoid this wash pillow cases regularly. Personally I wash mine every three days.

Sharing makeup, things like makeup brush, blenders e.t.c. are personal belonging and should not be shared. Sharing makeup is one thing that expose you to acne or breakouts.

Not washing face before bed time, I know sometimes we are exhausted and we just want to go to straight to bed. But leaving all that pollution,makeup, and sweats on your face will do you no good.

New product change, our skins can reacts to new skin care products or routines sometimes..

Dry skin, less hydration also causes breakout.

There are few factors that cause face breakouts that we can’t control. Such as: Increased stress, menstrual hormones,pregnancy and others

So sis or bro, breakouts ain’t that bad, don’t let it ruin your day or make you feel ugly. Be comfortable in whatever state your face or body is… #selflove.

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