Washing my hands at the college’s bathroom sink, I sited a group of ladies shaving /shaping their brows with one razor blade. And this got me thinking do we really just don’t care about the concept of personal belongings or am just been paranoid? 🤷🏼‍♀️

What are personal belongings?

These are items or properties that we own that are meant to be used by us alone … so to say they are meant to be used by one person alone .

In primary school or during childhood,we were taught a lot on things you should not share , things like toothbrush, nail clips,razor blades , e.t.c

But it would surprise you that as youths and adults, we fail to remember the importance of keeping some items for our personal use only .

I would list a few items that should not be shared soon but before that what are the importance of keeping some items for your personal use only.

•The most common point raised is to prevent spread and contact of diseases..

And yes I said spread, if you know that you have something (a disease or condition that is communicable) do not give out your personal belongings… The universe will reward you for this🧚🏽‍♀️❣️. From serious viral infections like HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) ,Hepatitis B virus to minor fungi infections like ringworm and skin conditions like eczema all these can be prevented or avoided if we stick to our own items .

•Keeping some of your items personal helps them last longer…heard about too many cooks spoil the broth? Yeah ,same applies here.. when an item is used by one person chances of it getting misplaced or condemned early is reduce . And

•It’s always available when you need it .

Now what are some personal items or items that should not be shared?

1. Toothbrush, as gross and nasty this may sound some fellas don’t care.. maybe you have are at a sleep over and you forgot your toothbrush.. believe me, it’s better to rinse your mouth with salt and water than use someone else’s toothbrush.You welcome. (cultivate a habit of always having a new toothbrush available in your home. This will do guest a lot of good).

2. Combs and hair brushes, am a little guilty on this part too. It would surprise you the number of parasites that can be transferred on a comb/brush .. Stop sharing combs, especially with strangers .

3. Shaving sticks,clippers,razors whatever that’s sharp, whatever that can cut, sharing it should be avoided..( invest in your own personal hair clippers, nail clippers, whatever clipping you have to do ..do not share it ,except paper clips of course you can share paper clips)

4. Underwear’s and lingerie, these are items that touch your areas if you know what I mean, if you don’t , am talking about your privates… pubic lice is real …also these are items that comes directly in contact with our skin so sharing it with other persons is a no no.

5. Piercing needles, tattoo needles, in-fact needles in general.When a piercing needle is used for someone else request a new one to be used on you..( this doesn’t necessarily classify as a personal item, but it’s useful information)

6. Your sex partner, don’t even look 👀 your screen like that and don’t act surprised.. Be you married or not the world is a scary place filled macro and micro organisms ready to mess up your life..In as much as no one has the power to control another person , it’s highly advised you communicate with your partner to avoid stories that touch.

Other items that fall under personal belongings are;

Makeup brushes


Contact Lenses

Eye Lashes

If you have other ideas of things you think or know that should be categorized under personal belongings do comment below.

Thank you and don’t forget to share and welcome to Fashion on A Budget 🦋.

Stay calm and have a great week.


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