Cotton swabs are these plastic or wooden sticks wrapped with cotton at the ends we use to clean our ears and at that moment just gives you this satisfying feeling (if you know what I mean 😉).What if I told you cottons swab aka cotton bud could be used for more and not just cleaning your ears 🙂 ?

Here are a few cotton swab hacks you will definitely thank me for 🥰..

Keeping products sanitary– Products like lip balm,lip gloss or ointments can be shared among individual and using a cotton swab when you get a certain amount when needed keeps the product fresh and clean (do not dip same cotton swab into a product after use to keep it sanitary )

Cleaning electronics– Sometimes trying to clean in between your laptop keyboard ,the remote buttons, your hair clipper,hair dryer lint or the edges of your hair straightener and the likes can be frustrating, but worry no more with a cotton swab you can easily swipe between those tiny gaps….hurray for cotton swabs🎉🎊

Creating a smoky eye– using a cotton swab to just dab around dark eyeshadow makes creating a smoky eye very easy which brings us to this next point

Applying makeup– Know how we talked about personal belongings and stuffs so, if you need to apply makeup or correct your makeup and your personal brushes ain’t available,you can improvise with cotton swabs… from applying your concealer, to eyeshadow and highlighting your check bones and brows..

Applying spot cream– Applying cream or ointment on a spot can be hard or painful sometimes and using your hands is also not advisable (unless they are washed). Using a cotton swab makes application easy and sanitary at the same time

Adjusting (correcting) and cleaning eye makeup– I know how it feels when you have a smudge after finishing your makeup 😪…and trying to use a wipe just makes it worse. So here is a trick : get some makeup remover apply it to a cotton swab and dab dab dab around the smudge ..this needs a lot of patience but it works. Hurray again for cotton swabs.

Cleaning false eyelashes – Are you the type that have worn her lashes more than 10 times without cleaning them? No judgement sister but you need to clean them … cleaning eyelashes is so simple :using makeup remover and a cotton swab just clean along the lash line and remove any left over lash glue you see simple

Applying lash glue – Applying lash glue can be a great task for some, so to save time and your glue you can use a cotton swab to apply a line of lash glue and guess what you can also use a tooth pick for this trick.. 😻

Applying oils to hair – when you don’t want so much oil on your hair ,you can apply oils with cotton swabs just go in rows ..

Cleaning up messy manicure/pedicure– cotton swabs come in handy in clearing up the excess nail polish 💅🏽 around the nails .


Never repeat the same cotton swab (you can’t use one cotton swab for Monday then use same on Tuesday).

Keep cotton swabs away from children

Keep cotton swabs away from moisture and in the open as this may cause it to get in contact with bacteria (you don’t want no acne)

Thank you for reading, have a great weekend and this is fashion on a budget 🦋please do comment if you have your own cotton swab hacks ..