Perfume info

I have had quite a number people tell me: you smell good what perfume is that? And am like where do I start from..I love love perfumes and good scents.Am a huge fan of aromatherapy ,also a good number of people have actually tried or sniffed me which is weird but I understand them , I sniff myself too..I know I smell good too 😉😉.

Most individuals don’t know the difference between perfumes, body sprays and types of deodorants. So either you bad ass rich to afford very expensive perfumes or you know which one to use at the right time for the right purpose, you just wasting your time and all that wonderful scent ..

So today I want to break it down for my lovelies to understand… welcome to fashion on a budget 🦋

🦋Eau de Perfume– This use the same perfume essence as the first mentioned but contains more alcohol and water .Making it lighter and it doesn’t really last long compared to the former. So to say the effect (how long it lasts and how strong it is) depends on the manufacturer .

🦋Eau de Toilette– This contains 10-15% of perfume essence, and more of alcohol which means you can spray as much as you want cause it won’t last long or as the time passes by its effect decreases..it’s safe to have a tiny bottle with you Incase you have to sprizzz some goodness to refresh yourself .Am not sure sprizzz is a word 🤔.

🦋What’s perfume essence ?

I will spare you the chemistry and long Jargons..perfume essence is that specific fragrance (obtained from essential oils and aromatic compounds ) which is used to make that specific perfume.

🦋Eau de Cologne– This contains 5% of perfume essence and mostly used by the male gender or individuals that tend to want to make an impression.They are very light, mixed with essential oils and I will use the word flavors of different kinds from candy , orange, lemon to scents like lavender and rosemary..

🦋Body spray– Body spray contains 1-5% of perfume essence and had a limited effect ..So Incase you have that short appointment or its date night, you can use some body spray but if you are going to have a long, stressful day body spray ain’t going to mask nothing..It’s a waste of time, money and scent. My all time favorite body spray is body fantasy….


Deodorant is basically a substance applied to prevent or mask bad smell caused by bacteria when we sweat.. Anti-perspirant prevent you from sweating by blocking sweat pores.

They come in different packages and forms..Like roll on, sprays, gels, cream, powder e.t.c

🦋🦋Few hints

Roll on deodorant from its name these are deodorant you just roll around your under arm, neck and other places you tend to sweat a lot. There have been a lot of debate if this is healthy because since deodorants are applied directly on skin and contain strong anti-bacterial ingredients like triclosan. Well basically everything in the world has a down side to it..I will advise if you get burning sensation or other allergic signs and you feel unwell when using a particular type of deodorant you should STOP..

Spray deodorants are not advised for individuals with breathing problems or to be used around children..Spray deodorant tend to last longer than roll ons, this particular point is still up for debate as some individuals disagree 🤷🏼‍♀️..


•Be careful when mixing scents ..cause some perfumes when combined together give off very bad smell instead of good.

•It’s best to store perfume in dark places or away from direct sunlight .

•Anything alcohol based should be kept away from fire as they are highly flammable.

•Do not apply perfume on your private if you know what I (down there ) its not healthy..If you must, apply in surrounding area like thighs, under the butt checks but not your private’s

•If you notice you allergic to a certain perfume , stop using it..

•Allergies May include itchy or burning sensation, sneezing and running nose.

•Always check for the expiration date.

Go into the world my darlings and smell wonderful ..🦋🦋