Mirror selfies

This is a culture, yea I said culture. Mirror selfies or as I say melfie is something we enjoy doing from time to time…but along the line we do it wrongly or instead of getting those likes,hearts, retweets or compliments we get booed…or it just doesn’t come out right..

How to avoid getting booed?

How to get that perfect melfie?

Read below

1.. Your mirror – many times I see melfies with stains,dust particles and it just decreases the elegance of the picture

2..Your background- Am a neat/organization freak kind of person so if you are the kind of person that has everything everywhere you should clean up a little or you know push it to the side… social media is always a lie ..ok maybe not always but mostly

3.. Reflection- It’s a mirror it reflects whatever is behind it so always double check .. you don’t some personal things exposed

4..Lighting-In photography lighting is everything..make sure your lights are ok and also your angles

Happy snapping people..

Next I would be posting on different ways to takes mirror selfies..

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