Hoops earrings..

Hoop earrings date back to 2600 B.C , and are my favorite type of earrings from tiny weeny sizes to huge round hoop that could substitute as bangles ..

Hoops also come in different designs from beaded hoops, to bedazzled crystal hoops, hoops made from gold, silver stuffs like that, exaggerated hoops and the kind you see in music videos that makes your ears hurt by just looking at them but you know what they say … Beauty is Pain .. is it?

So if you don’t own one I advise you get yourself a pair cause hoops have a way of drawing attention to your face…

I did advise light weight hoops to avoid it pulling on your ears , your hoops should also be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off . That’s is you apply your make up , brush your hair and do every other thing before putting on your hoops to avoid accidents.

Hook one hoop on the other that way you won’t loose one of the pair …

Different hoop sizes send different messages .. a night at the club or party , you are allowed to wear huge I did like to call emm’ bangle earrings 🥰.. But when going for a job interview or a formal meeting I would advise a smaller size .

If you have multiple piercings , don’t go wearing large hoops on all your piercings, Not that it’s a bad thing no but it really don’t speak class 🤷🏼‍♀️

Be careful around babies … This applies to all earrings and jewelries..Cause those tiny humans tend to grab at anything in sight ..

Also your attitude and confidence adds a spark to your appearance also complimenting your hoops .. so lady and men of course no discrimination , no judgements here .. Let’s get our hoops on and have a greet weekend…


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