This weird source of protein…

This weird source of protein All around the world weird or uncommon recipes pop up every now and then….This particular source of protein may sound weird to some folks but I tell you it’s a very delicious delicacy when prepared with spices …

Grasshoppers 🦗( that’s a cricket lols… well they kinda look alike annnnd crickets are also edible insects ).. Grasshopper can be used in powdered form which are added to foods or enjoyed in the crunchy , spicy ungrounded or crushed form which I prefer and like .

The grasshopper, is a herbivorous insect so to say they eat plants only… the kind/type of grasshopper that is edible where I come from are the brown ones … which are dried before the last stage of preparation.

🦗Nutritional facts of the grasshopper

Fat:6.1 grams

Carbohydrates: 3.9 grams

Protein: 20.6 grams ..

The grasshopper also contains vitamins like A,B and C vitamins.

Vitamin A protects eyes from night blindness, reduces the risk of acne and also support a healthy immune system among others

Vitamin B promotes good eyesight, good digestion , healthy brain function , proper nerve function, e.t.c

Vitamin C is necessary for development, growth and repair of all body tissues.

Now the benefits of protein cannot be overemphasized in our lives as it promotes tissue repair, synthesizing of hormones, protein is also an important bullying block for bones, muscles , cartilage and skin …


For healthy great skin you need protein. So if you are deficient or need more protein in your diet , I advise you try this wonderful delicacy..

Here are a few pictures of grasshopper been sold at a typical Nigeria market …💁🏼‍♀️⬇️

And below is a plate I enjoyed some times ago 🦋..

Filled with crunchy spicy healthy goodness ..

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