Solitude is a state of social isolation.

When is solitude needed? This is needed when you need to recharge and heal, our minds get tired too and sometimes you need some time alone to PAUSE ,BREATHE, REPAIR YOUR UNIVERSE, and PROCEED on with life.

Taking care of your mind is also part of self love , so detach from your surrounding and responsibility if that what you need to heal.

Remember time heals nothing unless you move along with it. When isolating yourself from the world , to heal focus on the process to avoid falling into great depression. Feed your mind and soul happy, healthy thoughts. If this is not possible for you to do on your own, seek the help of others.

SO take a few moments to ask yourself if this is what you need or if you have someone close that is trying to recharge and heal, do not force them to engage , check on them regular, show support and let them heal.

so today , enjoy these beauty

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