A Merry Day❤



Today’s post would be long

It is one of my favourite Christmas in so many years I have been away from home💝

Don’t worry, I will feed your eyes😀

I had done last minute preparation for my food items.

I had also gotten important things I needed for my progress in ideas.

I was elated by kind words some beautiful humans had told me.

I was in the Merry mood🤗

I could feel God’s love in every sense, it felt sweet inside of me.

Cooking, cooking, who is in the kitchen?🍳

I woke up and shared my moments with God, praying that He held my hands as I made food

Then I proceeded to play my beautiful worship and praise songs (my secret ingredients😁)

As I mixed and turned, I danced to the songs before she came to join me

She was so curious, watching and asking me questions.

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