Why you should use wet wipes during the summer….

Hello everyone , summer is here the warmest season of the year is your summer body ready? If not, don’t worry we are all in this together be comfortable your birthday suit!

Summer comes with its ups and downs . Downs which includes sweating 😓, dehydration, e.t.c.

Now most individuals will go for tissue papers be it scented, anti bacterial, amongst other qualities to clean of sweat and stay refreshed during the summer or on warm days , I would recommend you use wet wipes .

What are wet wipes?

I prefer using baby wipes cause I feel they are more gentle .

Wet wipes are moistened towelettes or piece of clothes often moistened and individually packed for personal hygiene and cleaning purposes .

Wet wipes depending on the manufacturer are packed with antibacterial properties, aloe Vera, and vitamins that keeps the skin refresh


Now using tissue papers only cleans off sweats leaving your skin dry and bare . Face wipes cleans off sweat, leaving your skin moistened plus the goodies (I.e vitamins ).


Wet wipes should not replace water 💧if there is water available to wash your face and hands use water .

Always keep them closed so they don’t dry out .

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Am a DIY kind of person that enjoys making more out of less....

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