Face masks ..

So this post is late, it was supposed to be posted when the “harmattan” started, but you know what they say better late than never.

Listening to conversations in the dark by John legend while writing this post and a verse says I will never try to change you .. oh well today i want to change the way some peeps use the disposable face mask 😷, and if you don’t use it , please do get one ..

The disposable face mask is commonly used in dusty, hazy or polluted environments🌫 . It can also be used to prevent spread of disease or catching one..

Now there are two sides to a mask ..The white colored part and the green side , in some part of the world it’s blue ..

The white part , this contain a filter which filters microorganisms and germs .. and should be worn inwardly when you are the one with an infection (e.g the flu) . To avoid spread of infection , spread kindness not germs . ❣️

The blue or green part ,does not have a filter and is worn inwardly when you want to protect yourself from dust, pollution or whatever it is you protecting yourself from ..

When wearing a disposable face mask ,it should cover your mouth and nose with and part with the flexible metal should be on your bridge of your nose .

My advise , invest in a dust mask . Saves you money and it’s easier to always wear it right .

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